It's May, when can you take my money?

C’mon folks, a hint? When do the orders start?


Welcome to the Framework community @Varian_Bohling :exclamation: Glad you’re here :raised_hands:

Two days ago they posted on Instagram that a big milestone was coming soon :grinning: :crossed_fingers:

:thinking: pre-orders :question:

I too want to give them my :moneybag: ASAP :smile:

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Ahh good find. Thanks! I figured it would likely be this month. But I wonder if supply chain shenanigans are going to be a problem :thinking:

Honestly, the only way they wouldn’t have a problem was if they bought supply stock already for the initial run. Usually small startups wouldn’t do something like that because of the capital required.

Don’t feel too bad though, this is affecting every computer manufacturer right now.

We have a great supply chain team and manufacturing partners and are staging material for production. We noted this in the email and blog post this week, but there is one component there is a worldwide shortage of which will limit our production quantities at the outset.