IP over Thunderbolt

Given that when you connect to computers via the thunderbolt cable, it creates a 10Gbe network connection between the two devices, and that the framework exposes both thunderbolt controllers to the user:
If I connect a type-c cable from the type-c port on left with the type-c port on the right will two new network interfaces appear in windows? Or will it open up a gravity well that will suck my soul in?


I highly HIGHLY recommend that you do NOT try to connect two thunderbolt ports on the laptop together, as doing so has a high chance of causing the universe to collapse in on itself

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Yeah but worst case scenario you just head over to the marketplace and get a replacement universe.




Yea, so seriously, what does happen? Also does it have to be a certified thunderbolt cable or will any type-c data cable work?

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It won’t blow up the computer. USB-C (including Thunderbolt) is made to not do that. There’s a bunch of negotiation that happens between two ports. I don’t know what Windows does if you try that.

A USB-C cable (not Thunderbolt) will be limited to 20 Gbps (two lanes of 10 Gbps of Thunderbolt). macOS shows the connection link rate and link width. I think Linux can do that to. Windows is missing this feature. A 40 Gbps Thunderbolt cable is two lanes of 20 Gbps. Actually, Thunderbolt is 10.3125 or 20.625 Gbps per lane on the wire.