Is light gaming possible?

Can the Framework run light games, like Total War: Rome Remastered or Euro Truck Simulator 2?

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I think we might squawk on what games are considered light weight, but yes, you absolutely can. The XE graphics the 11 gen chips run is a marked improvement over previous integrated graphics.

And should you find that you crave higher graphical settings and frame rates you always have the option of going eGPU using thunderbolt.


@2disbetter Thanks.

But what games do you consider light weight, if not these?

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I am mainly playing game considered indie and are not known for taxing the GPU to begin with. I’d call them pretty light weight. (Nuclear Throne, Faster Than light, Into the Breach, Enter the Gungeon, Hallow Knight, Shovel Knight, etc.)

I guess the point I’m making is that you’ve been able to “game” on nearly every laptop that has come out in the last 10 years. Just not at ultra settings and max frame rates.


Literally been playing this compulsively on an i5-1035g4

Fantastic game for those who haven’t played-$10 bucks on gog

I really ought to buy into the breach since it’s from the same devs

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I booted up minecraft yesterday on my i7-1165g7 model to join a virtual dj stream and it worked great. First time trying a “game” on this laptop and I didn’t notice any problems

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I play a bunch of games on the Framework using the iGPU: Timberborn, Northgard, Gremlins Inc., Luck be a Landlord, etc.

I wouldn’t consider these really to be graphic intensive though.

For the more intensive games, until I can get a GPU at MSRP to put in a thunderbolt enclosure, I’ve been leveraging a cloud gaming service and running that from the Framework.