eGPU tips? (11th gen Framework, Windows 11)

I mostly use my laptop for work, but I’m looking at playing some more games on it.
I have the Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7 with 16GB of RAM.

I live overseas, and so I have limited access to updating this stuff until I’m next in the US.
It seemed to me that the best way to make my Framework more game-friendly was to get an eGPU (again, there are limited options here where I live)
An option I’m looking at is a used Razer Core X eGPU with the XFX Radeon 5700 XT thicc iii.

This if my first time buying any graphics card much less an eGPU with one. I’m planning to test it with MSI Kombustor before buying it.
I’ve read a bunch on the topic and have watched multiple videos from Linus Tech tips. But, my primary concern is that a lot of that advice (and much of what I’ve seen here in the forum) would be more applicable to a more recent version of the Framework laptop. Given that I’m not using the 12th gen yet, am I going to have troubles?

(edit: the guidelines for posts say to include the release of the OS. I’m not sure if that’s specific for Linux or if it applys to Windows too. But, I have Version 22H2 is that helps)

Not really any more troubles than usual with an eGPU setup. Granted, the 11th gen isn’t Thunderbolt certified and never will be but it is Thunderbolt capable. I don’t know the edge cases that prevent Thunderbolt certification but it should be fine. If you’ve looked at the expected performance and know of the limitations of Thunderbolt then I don’t foresee any big problems that might leave you dissatisfied.

Thanks. That’s very helpful.
I do plan to upgrade to the 12th gen sometime in December.
But, the eGPU will still help my gaming experience even if it isn’t ideal yet. I won’t have an expensive dust-collector.