Is there a keyboard shortcut to wake from sleep?

on my previous (Lenovo) computer i found i could hit the left function key to wake the machine if it went to sleep while the lid was open.

Is there a similar shortcut on framework? I remember reading that the whole keyboard probably gets disabled when the laptop sleeps but im curious if anyone knows more about this than me. is the power button used as this button?

Using Windows 11

Space key | Enter key | Power Button | Esc Key . . . .

oh good point. i should clarify that i am using Kubuntu 22.04. it seems like this is OS dependent so i’ll look at what it is for my OS. Thanks!

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Just tried Ubuntu 22.04 as I dual boot and it’s exactly the same

Wake from ‘Suspend’

havent exhaustively tested all these buttons but so far it seems like the space bar doesnt work but the power button does.


Works for me on Win 11 dual boot Ubuntu 22 (on both)

What OS are you using?

Using Win 11 I have closing the lid to invoke sleep.

If I use the GUI to select sleep or close the lid, when I open the lid the screen comes on. If I then tap the space bar, or any of the keys mentioned I am back to where I was when I closed the lid or used the GUI to invoke sleep

Kubuntu 22.04, so seems like it might be a KDE specific thing

Just a single OS?

Any key will do with my setup

I only have sleep|suspend enabled when power is connected else I use hibernate in windows.

Will try Ubuntu with no power connected :slight_smile: >>> tomorrow

just tried mashing a bunch of different stuff. also tried capslock to see if the light came on and it didnt, so i suspect that the keyboard isn’t enabled/powered when my laptop is suspended. not sure if that’s normal or not

I just wonder if in the Ubuntu world you are talking about suspend as in ‘suspend to disk’ which is the same as hibernate in windows and that does require the use of the power button to power on.