Macropad per key RGB

I got my Framework 16 yesterday and am wondering if it is possible to set the RGB lighting for the Macropad per key. I want to use it for Macros and want to color-code the keys accordingly, but in the VIA software I only see effects for the whole pad. Am I missing something here or is it simply not possible to manually select a color for each key?


I don’t have a macropad, but was thinking about getting one in the future. It seems from the vial documentation that it should be able to control lights per-key as long as they’re addressable, but I’m looking forward to seeing other people provide examples of how this works for them.

You mean Via documentation? The Framework keyboards are using Via. Vial is a different GUI, but I don’t believe Vial has per-key color control either.

It is possible, just not through the GUI.

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I was going by the documentation here that the possibility exists: Backlight and RGB lighting - Vial, but I’m not speaking from experience.

That’s the Vial GUI, which is not what the Framework keyboards currently use. The Framework keyboards use Via instead. But neither supports per-key RGB control from within the GUI AFAIK.