Is there serial number on each FW laptop?

as title, for my curiousity…

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There is a code between the RAM modules.

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I don’t know if it’s a serial. Just a guess

On the Intel ones, I seem to recall seeing something in one of the expansion card bays, on the underside.

I’ve got a recent AMD Framework 13 motherboard.

If you’re running Linux, you can run dmidecode and it will spit out the SMBIOS information. The DMI 1, 2, and 3 blocks, all have serial number fields. For me, these values match each other, as well as a number that was on the printed card overtop of my memory slots (as others mentioned). I have not seen this number printed on the actual motherboard itself, but I have also not looked extremely closely. I presume that you should be able to see similar serial number information from the SMBIOS data with msinfo32 under Windows, but I’m not game to actually test that myself (sorry :slight_smile:).

There are serial numbers on each major module. Each place that you see a QR code with an 18 digit code below it, that is the serial.