Is this wifi card the right size to fit in framework diy edition

is the “msi AX916C” (link below) wireless card the right size and compatible with the framework diy edition or not? never mind that it’s out of stock.

Something is very wrong with this listing…

In any case, this is an M.2-to-PCIe adapter designed to be used on desktops. The actual device you’re looking for (M.2 wifi card) is included and will work, but you can get it standalone from the Framework marketplace:

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is there any other wifi brand other than intel that can work in the framework laptop for wifi 6/6e/7/7e…?

Is there a reason for this?

The only other one I can think of is Qualcomm Atheros and they don’t make ax (WiFi 6) cards, they make previous-generation ac (WiFi 5) ones like this one:

This should be compatible with the Framework laptop (M.2 2230) but it’s older and slower.

Intel, Atheros, Broadcom, Realtek, Ralink, Mediatek… and others I can’t bring to mind right now.

Intel are hands down the best in my experience, although Atheros are widely liked especially in the Linux community

where can you buy Qualcomm Atheros? do they have a website? does Atheros, Broadcom, Realtek, Ralink, Mediatek, have a website where you can buy from them?

No, these companies do not sell direct to the consumer. You’ll have to get them from wherever you get computer parts.

You can google any of these companies, they all have websites. Some of them may show what wireless SoCs they manufacture, some of them may have detailed datasheets, some won’t, some are very secretive and won’t provide you any information at all unless you’re a manufacturer.

Note most of the cards are not marketed as “Qualcomm Atheros”/“Broadcom”/“Ralink”/“Mediatek”, they just make wireless SoCs which are assembled on a card by 3rd parties. You’ll have to look at the listings to see what SoCs they use. That listing I posted is from a Chinese 3rd party manufacturer but uses the Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 SoC.

OK thanks for helping me?

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i want to buy the " Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX210 No vPro®" from framework for $18 but shipping is $9 half of what the item cost where can i buy an " Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX210 No vPro®" that is also made in taiwan and is some where like amazon that has free shipping over a certain amount?

Cheapest I can find on eBay is $23, shipped from China (so like 2-3 weeks delivered):

Cheapest with quick shipping to US is $28, which at that point you might as well buy from Framework:

Not sure why you need one that is made in Taiwan but there’s an AX200 for ~$33 here:

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better quality made in taiwan then made in china. frameworks intel 210ax is made in Taiwan.

The one I received from Framework says Made in China. Regardless I don’t see any tangible reason for the quality to be different between the two.

oh. they say that anything made in china is cheap quality!

Better return everything you own then!