Mini-PCIe Adapter for Wifi

Hello, I would like to use a mini-pcie wifi card in the framework laptop due to atheros 5k and 9k wifi cards being usable with libre drivers. The wifi slot in the laptop use m.2 2230, so my idea is to use a m.2 2230 to mini-pcie adapter in order to install a wifi card inside the laptop and not fallback on a usb wifi stick.

Does anyone with access to the framework laptop know if a mini-pcie card will fit once fully assembled? I won’t be getting mine until November, so I would like to plan ahead of time what I’ll want to do in terms of accessories.

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No, there’s really no space unfortunately. Here are some photos:


Ah dang, that’s a bummer. Oh well, I’ll just fall back on a usb stick then.

Or just use this


Oh wow, I wasnt aware thinkpenguin had some that worked! Question though, why do you consider the second one better? I see they have similar specs, and the first one can do 5ghz while the second one cant. Wouldnt that make the first one better?

I’m fairly certain 5ghz isn’t really part of 802.11n spec but I could be wrong

The only reason why I said the second one is better is that it’s certain to be compatible-I didn’t know how the slot is keyed but looking at the pic @Fraoch kindly provided, either card will fit since the default card is a+e keyed

EDIT: Actually, now that I’ve actually taken the time to double check the links I provided, only the first will fit so I edited my first post :sweat_smile: the a+e card is the wrong physical dimensions even tho it’s keyed properly

Still, the good news is that there is a m.2 card that has libre support