Looking for a non-wifi 6 wifi card. Any suggestions?

Don’t need wifi 6 and just looking for something that’ll work in my DIY edition. Any suggestions?

There’s a lot of Intel AC (WiFi 5) M.2 2230 cards out there. On Amazon.ca right now: Intel 8265, 8260, 9260, 9560, 7265. I would think any dual-band 2x2 card should work, Bluetooth optional, but I haven’t tried it out because I’m in Batch 4.

I found all these cards more expensive than Framework’s offering, so I’ll make the AX210 work. The AX200 in my desktop board was rough at first but works excellently now.

@RandomUser or Dell’s approach, where it’s not only “whitelisted”, but also tied to the specific Laptop instance. Some Dell models even have WiFi ID stored in their BIOS. “Just for the security and integrity” as they say… :rage:

If only I could buy direct from frame.work. :sob: