Is Xe graphics backward compatible with Iris graphics?

Is Xe graphics backward compatible with Iris graphics ?
I heard it is difficult to setup hackintosh on 11th gen because of the Xe graphics .

No it’s difficult because there are no 11th gen macs

Apple moved to a fundamentally different architecture


Practically since they introduced T2 this is becoming very difficult to do. You are basically enumerating a pre-T2 mac and hope that Mac OS decides to play with it.
It also has to do with obtaining a proper image for the Mac installer. The easier way is to use the Unibeast by Tonymacx86, but you need a specific version of Mac and you need to download a full mac installer (not the online installer) and blah blah …

And also because Apple introduced their M1 chip which is based on ARM and have security features built-in. Yes, it’s possible for it to run on Intel silicon too and we can enumerate that, but with the intro of T2 chip it’s rather difficult.

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It’s very hard to setup a hackintosh on 11th gen due to the XNU kernel lacking support, it may work though I doubt it would work very well.