12th gen 17-1260p GPU with Blender


Newbie here, recieved 12th gen Framework laptop a few weeks ago and really enjoying it so far.

I would like to try out Blender, but I do not seem to be able to get it to see the Iris Xe GPU.
I have updated latest driver and running Blender 3.3.0, Im not sure if this setup is expected to work with Blender but I have seen other posts here stating people have used 11th Gen Framework with Blender ok?


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I’ve been able to use Blender 3.3.0 on both Windows 11 and Linux (Fedora 36) fine with my 12th gen, so it definitely should work.

The Iris Xe GPU is the only GPU the Framework laptop has, so if Blender is able to display anything at all it is using this GPU. Is it just rendering that has issues, or does the entire program not start? If so, does it give some kind of error message?

Might be related:

In short, do you have one stick or two sticks of memory installed?


Thanks both.
After some googling overnight I think my problem is single stick of RAM will fit a second and hopefully will resolve this.

Will update here to confirm.

Many thanks

Ouch! :cry:

Hello again,

So I have gotten myself a second stick of RAM, installed it booted Windows 11 and everything seems good, Windows sees the new RAM and now shows my GPU as “Intel Iris Xe Graphics” instead of “UHD Graphics” that I saw before.

However, blender 3.3.0 still doesnt seem to recognise the GPU as usable for Cycles, when I look at Preferences > System I see the message under OneAPI (and all the other tabs) that no compatible GPU was found. Im running driver version which as far as I know should be ok for Blender.

Any advice appreciated.

I see Iris Xe shows up in 2.93.11 LTS (under OpenCL)…but not in 3.3.1 LTS (under oneAPI).

Just to add, with Blender 3.3, you need Iris Xe-HPG…from ARC side of things it seems.

With the Iris Xe from the iGPU…I believe that’s only Xe-LP, not supported by Blender with oneAPI.

Reference: Intel® Iris® Xe GPU Architecture

Thanks for that info yes you’re right and I’ve been able to get everything working as expected using Blender 2.93.
Guess it’s just a matter of time to wait for support.

I’m totally new to Blender so should be able to stick with it for now for learning the basics.