Join us for the Framework Next Level Event on March 23rd

Tablet or Smartphone would both be instant-buys for me.

I’m excited on what you guys have in store for us.


I will be watching. My wishlist are a truly stable BIOS and preferably Coreboot on future motherboards.


I’m in the market for at least one new smartphone, so I’m crossing my fingers here :slight_smile:


I would hope something not mainstream, where the competition for a great product is much less. For example a printer! My most hyped one would be a good dumb tv!

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Honestly at this point I have so many wishes that it shouldn’t be too hard to at least get one of then :stuck_out_tongue:

From the top of my head:


  • Matte Display
  • Coreboot
  • Official Thunderbolt 3 dock


  • Consumer-Friendly printer
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet

(list goes on)


Exciting! An official pointing stick (trackpoint) implementation would be great to see.


In the hope of further EU expansion. BENELUX with Swiss keyboard layout. Matte display, or a possibility to buy a larger frame to stack batteries.


My bet is printer or dumb tv are at least one of the things mentioned, but i struggle to figure out what else it could be. I look forward to it!

I’d love to see a desktop version. Full metal box compatible with original mainboard, optionally with better cooling system.

Or, as it was pointed out already, a reliable TB3/4 dock station.

As for the laptop format, it would be really cool to see a 15" version with double sized slots, akin to something I’ve suggested before:


Intel 13th Gen for sure. And a completely different product.


In 2021: Repairability
In 2022: Upgradability
In 2023: ?

Considering the context above, my guess is about the ecosystem in 2023. The Framework’s marketplace in which people and the 3rd party companies can sell and buy, also an announcement of some 3rd party developments started for that. The Framework’s pitch deck slide page 10 is a clue.


The marketplace is already there, it must be bigger than that, if they create some hype with a launch event.

I’m hoping for more upgrades; better batteries, speakers, maybe even, chasis designs, different screens, touchpads etc… I think the more focus there is on the current product the better it’ll be! regardless I’m exited to see whats next.


I can’t see either happening. The market is either too small or in decline for both of those products.

My bet is on a repairable/modular smartphone. Since Fairphone isn’t available in North America, and Framework is already established as the go-to brand for repairable laptops, this would be my hunch, if they are planning to add new hardware to their lineup.

But that would also be a huge undertaking, and I’m not sure if they’re heading in that direction.

It will be interesting to see.


Yes. Right now only Framework can sell its products and parts on the marketplace. My image for the next-level marketplace is where anyone can sell. It’s like Apple’s App Store or Google’s Google Play store, or console games on the console game devices such as Xbox or Nindendoo.

After reading the “What should we build next?” thread over the last 4 or 5 months getting this in a email has peaked my interest. I’ve signed up for reminders and am looking forward to this whatever it may be about. :grinning:

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So while trying to find proof to back myself up, I actually couldnt find any for the printer lol. Although i swear I thought i saw something from someone at framework talking about a printer.

But, one of the first blog posts from framework talks about “in defense of dumb tvs” which may indicate places they might have put some development time into over the last few years?

Don’t get me wrong, I think both would be great products. I just can’t see them being viable in markets that want “smart” and digital everything.

But then again, how would Framework offer a dumb TV? They are too big to practically ship around to individuals without a distributor or retail partner. Then what kind of parts would they offer? Entire display panels? dumb TV’s are far less complex than a laptop, so what would be the Framework spin?

As for printers, I can see a 3d printer offering having some potential, but that’s also a pretty niche market. 3D printers would make more sense over traditional inkjet/laser printers, especially since they tend to have more moving/upgradable parts, and there are companies already offering DIY kits.

I think to have the biggest impact, they’d need to get into a large market, like Smartphones or even smartwatches (less so). They are devices everyone has, and ironically the same devices that very few can repair at home. That would fit the Framework model. :+1:

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Well, either way I’m glad that Framework’s doing a product announcement event, it’s a good way to keep us consumers informed!


Curious as to what this event could be about.

Some guesses:

  • New mainboard (either AMD or 13th gen intel)
  • Bigger size laptop (15 inch or so)
  • Completely new product line, honestly not even sure what they would do. Maybe a tablet?
  • New marketplace items (expansion cards, third-party implementations etc)
  • Lastly, perhaps some software, but I fell this certainly is not the main focus if it is included, they seem very excited for this one.