Upgrading RAM on 8GB pre-built model

I want to order a laptop with the 12th gen i5 processor and 16GB RAM.

Am I right to think I can buy the 8GB pre-built model and there will be a spare slot where I can just slot in a further 8GB of RAM?

Or is it a lot more complicated than that / actually built with 2x 4GB RAM and therefore I’m better getting the DIY edition and installing all the RAM myself?

Quick question: Why do you want to or der a prebuilt but then ask for more RAM?

The DIY is just inserting the NVME, RAM sticks and expansion ports … that’s it!

On the DIY order page you can select whether it should be two RAM modules or one if you select a size.

Given two slots are always a faster option you will want identical RAMs but it coes/can come with one.

Why didn’t you try and buy to see ???

I believe if you are buying all the parts from Framework, its cheaper to buy a prebuilt.

Seems to work out cheaper for me to do the pre-built and add RAM (I think because I need a windows license and power adapter which both come bundled on the pre-built machines).

Defo not against doing it DIY, just thinking of this because it will save me around £90 (I think).


Ah right, I didnt buy a windows license, I use Windows in a VM so no need to handle license keys for new devices!