K8s cluster with usb-c power?

So crazy idea, I want to take 2 or more boards to make a kubernetes cluster. I am curious of the boards can be powered directly on the usb-c ports? OR do I need the i/o modules for usb-c to make that work? Also where can I find the specs for the supply wattage for the boards? I am looking at the i7-1260p boards.


Yes, it’s just more fragile since the USB-C ports on the board are only held on by solder. Take care to not put any strain on them and don’t plug/unplug frequently.

Not sure about formal specs, but you should supply at least 60W. That’s what the board expects to be able to take in to charge the battery. In practice the board can consume more power than that (it will draw from both the battery and the power input at times) so if you want maximum performance, 100W.

fantastic on the ports. understood on the power supply.

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