Keyboard Cover

I’m not sure how water-resistant Framework laptop is but I’ll always used a laptop cover for my laptop keyboard. Unfortunately I don’t see any 3rd party company with a silicone cover that would fit it yet. So I’m trialing Glad-Press-N-Seal and it seems to work well so far.

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Most laptops aren’t water-resistant. They’re not designed to be, if you need these sorts of things, then a Dell Toughbook is the sort of laptop you’d need, they’re more designed towards industrial settings.

What ever it is, I’m not entirely sure. Latitude Rugged was the one I believe

When I’m referring to water resistance I’m referring to spilling some liquid on the keyboard. I’ve found that a silicone keyboard cover has been a great save in the past (previous laptop 2009 Macbook Pro that I’ve used well for 12 years) which I used a silicone cover for.

Macbook air, m1, 2020 covers fit the alphabet and numbers perfect. The surrounding keys not so much. Certainly usable.