Compatible keyboard cover / keyboard skin?

I’ve gotten into the habit of getting a keyboard cover for any laptop to protect against any spills or crumbs. Is there an existing keyboard cover that’s compatible? I got my DIY Edition running yesterday and love it so far. Thanks!


I’m also very interested in this. I’ve had one on my MBA for years and considering I just spilled coffee all over it when my cat jumped on me, it’s probably a good idea I get one! :scream_cat:

I know it’s custom-designed but is there any chance it matches another keyboard already on the market?

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My wife’s macbook air 13 inch, 2020 M1 model hardshell case/keyboard cover had an extra cover in the bag. The alphabet/number keys fit spot on. The surrounding keys, not so much. So it is certainly something you can type with, but only suggested if you are totally paranoid since the control keys are not aligned.


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Thanks, @jr123 - interesting! Maybe I’ll pick one up and trim off the areas that don’t fit. Ninety percent protection is better than nothing. At least until someone starts producing a protector specifically for the Framework.

@E_Mills this was the case/key cover combo she got.

I actually looked into doing some 3d scans and having stuff like this made. I just don’t have the equipment, so the cost of paying others to do the scans is expensive relative to profits for a what is now a niche laptop. If framework released 3D CAD scans of the exterior and keyboard then you would see lots of people make these sort of cases. Then the development cost would only be in making the cases/covers in CAD and various iterations at the 3d printer.


Thanks so much for sharing the link @jr123 !!