Keyboard Layout Questions

Hi, I bought the Framework Laptop 16 with the international Linux keyboard (the one with a super key instead of a Windows key), and I was wondering does the Alt Gr key work like an Alt key? If not, is there a way to change my keyboard layout to US RGB (with the Windows key) without affecting my laptop ship date?

I don’t know how it behaves by default, however the keyboard is fully programmable with QMK/VIA. So if the default behavior isn’t what you want it wouldn’t be too difficult to reprogram it to behave that way.

Support can do that.

I contacted them, and they said the following

“Thank you for your inquiry. We acknowledge that you’d like to add a US English RGB keyboard layout to your order. Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can only choose 1 keyboard layout from the configurator.”

So not really an answer.

That sounds like support thought you wanted to add a US RGB keyboard in addition to the international Linux keyboard rather than replacing the Linux keyboard.

So I should try asking again (asking for a replacement keyboard layout)? Would this affect my ship date?

Try submitting it again, be specific about what you want. I was able to modify my order pretty painlessly.

Support had no problem changing my order from rgb English to international Linux.

My request, if you’d like to edit and submit the same

Can I modify the keyboard selection on my Framework 16 DIY preorder? The order number is (real order number).
I originally selected the “US English - RGB” keyboard and would like to change that to the “International English - Linux” option, if it is possible to do so without delaying my order.

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Thanks. I just sent the email.

AltGr isn’t the same as an Alt key. It’s used for typing additional characters (graphs) not commonly used on that keyboard’s locale.

Per the USB-HID spec, Alt Gr uses the same scancode as Right Alt. As far as the computer is concerned, they are the same key; the OS changes what it does based on what keyboard layout you have selected.

If you simply select “US English” as your layout within the OS, it will act as Right Alt.


Great news; it worked! I now have the keyboard replaced on my order and my spot is still saved!

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