ETA for the framework 13 linux keyboard layout?

Any word on when the linux keyboard layout for the framework 13 will be available? I was ready to make my purchase when it was announced and was literally JUST lamenting the lack of a super key. Is this a “coming in a month or two”, or a “it just hasn’t shown up on the website yet” kinda situation?

I’d love to be able to order my laptop with the new keyboard

You can pre-order it now I believe, I think it’s just the International Linux keyboard layout.

I was wondering when it’ll be available for an AMD system that isn’t pre-order (old display and camera)

It shows up as a part you can purchase in the marketplace but says it isn’t available yet. When I try to configure an AMD system that doesn’t have the new display (and as a result isn’t preorder), the linux layout isn’t one of the listed options. If it’ll be available soon, I may opt to wait until it’s available since I’d really like a super key, but without knowing whether it’ll be a week, or 4 months, its kinda hard to make a decision, and I’d hate to buy the windows keyboard and then just have to spend another $40 to replace working parts if I ever wanna change it, if the linux layout would have been available soon after ordering

It seems generally that marketplace stuff doesn’t show up until pre-orders have already been shipping for a few months.

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I believe it will become available later this year.

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Then it looks like I’m ordering without. Thank you for your input!