Which keyboards actually have RGB?

The list of keyboards on the configrator only lists two explicitly named as RGB - Clear ANSI RGB and US English RGB. However the “Details” link next to each keyboard option shows the following text:

All Framework Laptop 16 keyboards have 1.5mm key travel and offer either white backlit or per-key RGB options. They’re designed for flexibility and performance, supporting NKRO and leveraging open source QMK firmware on a Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller. The keycaps are made from 30% post-consumer recycled plastics and use a water-based paint process to minimize environmental impact.”

Now on my 4th read-through of this text, I believe it is probably to be interpreted like this: “All Framework Laptop 16 keyboards have 1.5mm key travel. Some will have per-key RGB options and the rest white backlit”

But at a glance, the original wording does imply that a choice of white backlight or RGB is available for every language.

If I’m right, then I wonder if that wording could do with tweaking to remove confusion?


At the moment the only keyboard layout with an RGB option is US English.

And the clear keyboard.

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Clear isn’t technically a layout. It’s a lack of layout. :rofl:


I found it super annoying on the order page that the US English RGB option was way, way, way down the list. I didn’t even see it at first, and placed my order without it. Drats. The US English keyboard should appear on the order page like so:

  • US English
  • US English - RGB
  • others, etc.

They didn’t make that clear at all and I went and pre-ordered with the British keyboard. Is there a way to change this before shipment or will I now have to cancel and redo my order and risk having to wait now?

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How is the clear layout expected to be used?

I imagine some people can just type without printed characters: And are there special stickers for the rest, or so?

For those that can touch type and have a memory of where keys are. It also is something cool to show off.

If you need labels on some or all of the keys, there is a company that makes exactly sized labels, they offer a myriad of options.

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The two keyboards with per-key RGB are the Clear ANSI - RGB and US English - RGB. The keyboard list in the configurator is sorted by price, which puts the RGB ones at the end of the list. The remaining keyboard types are 1-zone white backlit, like on Framework Laptop 13.


Thanks. I don’t suppose you can tell us if there are plans for expanding the RGB language range?

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Not currently, but we’re tracking what the sales rate is for RGB vs non-RGB versions to inform what keyboards we’ll make in the future.


What about a linux version of existing keyboards?

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Similarly, we’ll be tracking sales for the Linux vs non-Linux English keyboards.


Fingers crossed for a Linux RGB International (or English) version, I got clear ANSI RGB for now on my preorder but would def switch to RGB Int English if available before launch to switch out too.

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If you contact support, they should be able to modify your order. Just be patient if you submit an email to support. I hear they are a bit swamped since the opening of the 16" Pre-orders.

Are all the “non-linux” keyboards fitted with the ugly “windows” logo or do they use something else (framework gear for example)? I chose the blank RGB on my pre-order because I wanted RGB, but NOT a windows logo. I just wish there were images of what all the keyboards look like to make an informed decision.

look in this thread

Wow, perfect. Thank you!

I’m thinking about pre-ordering a FW16, though I’m a bit sad, there’s no RGB german keyboard (yet). Since I want to use the Laptop for astronomy, too, it would be helpful to be able to switch the backlight to red, since red doesn’t affect the dark adaptation of your eyes.

I found the thread recommending Keyshorts stickers for the transparent ANSI keyboard, but this are not, what I was looking for, as they do have clear transparent or a solid color, but I would need a transparent red.

When do you think you will have enough data to make a decision on whether there will be more RGB keyboards or not?