Keyboard layout

Framework, please make this layout work. Me, and maybe 5 other people will buy it.


Did you print a picture of a keyboard??


Know what would be neat, too? A full length lower piece with the track pad edge to edge! Would do a lot for fitment.

I ran a keyboard through a copier out on 11x17 paper at 100%. That is a full sized desktop keyboard with the numpad cut off.

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It would, and could be a choice. I don’t mind the variability because I have switched back and forth depending on what other systems I am using. My current work laptop has a numpad and offset keyboard and track pad and it helps to have both systems that way even though I don’t prefer it.

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that’s even better.

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I guess all that is really needed is a swapped track pad and keyboard. Keyboard built for the bottom row and track pad for the top. The numpad can stay in the top. And then the other 20 keypad could be redesigned for the bottom and I could possibly program the arrow keys and home/end/insert/delete keys on that. From day one of this announcement, I have wanted to be able to swap the keyboard and trackpad. Then I never have to worry about palm rejection ever again.