Great idea, but why copy the stupid Apple keyboard trend

Hey, an upgradeable laptop, amazing. But whilst FW is “at it”, breaking the mould and doing things right, why can’t be have keyboards with full size (or equally proportioned) arrow keys (look at thinkpads and lifebooks). Half height keys suck and for those of us who use muscle memory, simply a PITA to use. Please modify to accomodate a keyboard with full size arrow keys + page up / down (as most USED to be, before Apple led the way with their stupid style over function approach)

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

While I don’t think this is going to change much I totally agree with you on this. I don’t like those small keys and most people with bigger hand probably feel the same. It seems like this is one of those classic Apple moves to focus on the looks/fancy design and make it cheaper in the progress by having a simpler rectangular keyboard shape.
But the useability of two small keys next to each other with no seperation (unlike all other keys) is not that great. Apart from that I really like the Framework 13 keyboard.

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I’ll add my support here. When I saw those two arrow keys, I immediately thought I’m just going to have to use my external keyboard most the time.

I would prefer a thicker laptop with mechanical keys as well, BUT the idea of helping to change the industry for the better wont work by focusing on niche designs and wants.

Having used a FW keyboard for a while now, I really think they knocked the keyboard out of the park. The keyboard works great, and is totally and easily repairable. There is enough travel that there is positive tactile feedback, and feels real good, at least to my fingers.

I have several computers with Thinkpad keyboards, and I have to admit that after sometime on it, that I prefer the FW keyboard. Maybe it is because it is from a company that I know wants me to be able to use it for as long as possible, and the other does not. They specifically hope it breaks and I buy another laptop.


While Framework doesn’t currently make these keyboards themselves, both the Framework Laptop 13 and Framework Laptop 16 both can accommodate custom keyboards with dedicated pg up and pg dn keys right now. If Framework or any 3rd party wanted to make a keyboard like this, they already can.


I agree with 2disbetter that the keyboard in general is good, but the half-height arrow keys do grate on me. It’s not a big gripe by any means, but I’d vastly prefer the setup of same sized
Pg Up - Arrow Up - Pg Down
Arrow Left - Arrow Down - Arrow Right

(The Pg Up/Down arrows may be left out as they currently are, for the most part I just want full-sized arrow keys)

I do actually feel the same, the FW Keyboard feels different than the Thinkpad but good and fun for typing and I don’t make a lot of typos on it. Although on my P50 you can hammer the keys and it won’t flex unlike the FW Laptop… but that is not really a complaint, it doesn’t bother me.
The only thing really is those half sized up/down arrow keys which I use quite frequently for scrolling.