Keyboard still out of stock?

I’m trying to order 11th-gen Framework laptop (region: Canada), but for the past two weeks I’ve been stuck at the configuration step of adding the keyboard. The only option (US English) is greyed out and “out of stock” preventing me from finishing the order.

Are others experiencing this or should I reach out to @FrameworkSupport ? or is the keyboard truly still out of stock :slightly_frowning_face:

Edit: apparently keyboards are not of stock when I try making an order of a 12th-gen framework laptop…

DIY or pre-built.

I imagine keyboards are kept ‘more’ in stock for pre-builds

Both, but just for 11th-gen. I would have also thought to have more luck with the pre-built.

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At first glance it kind of looks like the 11th gen is now out of stock, but I was just able to get past the keyboard selection for a prebuilt, in Canada. So something weird is going on in your case, you should contact support.

There are some inconsistencies - on the front page it’s all 12th gen and on the dropdown menu from the top it’s all 12th gen. The only way I can see 11th gen is “compare…” then there’s the 11th gen prebuilt and 11th gen DIY on the right. But via those routes I can select the keyboard.

We’re updating the configurations on the site to reflect this, but for the US and Canada on 11th Gen, we are out of stock of:

  1. DIY Edition i5-1135G7
  2. Pre-built Base
  3. Pre-built Performance

The other configurations of 11th Gen are still available in the US and Canada.

For clarification, both pre-built and DIY units have the keyboards pre-assembled on them from our factory. This means that what is out of stock is not “US English” SKUs, but the specific configuration of CPU selection and keyboard together.


Ok, thanks @Fraoch for the detective work and thank you @nrp for the clarification. I just went ahead and ordered the 12th gen… it was a good excuse to go over my budget and get an upgrade :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Glad @Ryan_Martens found a solution with 12th gen, but for anyone coming to this post with similar problems still wanting 11th gen I believe this link should work? (I’m in the US, so it will be a US link)

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