UK keyboards for DIY back in stock?

Hey folks… any news on when the DIY editions will have the UK keyboard layouts back in stock? I am looking to order ASAP!

It’s back in stock whenever it’s back in stock. Patience.

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Fair enough, I just see you can buy them in the marketplace so was just wondering if that means they’ll be available with the DIY version soon too… ?

I hope they do. But I think logistics says otherwise.
Since, they actually plan to ship the diy laptop even less assembled. although I guess that’s simply down to package size. among other liability (e.g. broken connectors)
I would like the ISO keyboard layout.

Please source your claims


Damn thats a shame… at the moment I am thinking of just buying one with a fench keyboard and then just buying a UK one in the marketplace, but that seems like such a waste of money

Linus (Tech Tips) said that when they are reviewing the framework laptop.
Not sure by what extend (of being less assembled).
You would think that it’s a fairly accurate claim since he has now invested in it

Framework themselves have stated that Wifi cards are coming preinstalled on DIY. I have seen no blog posts by Framework indicating this has changed or other components are coming uninstalled.

Source your claims. If Framework hasn’t said it themselves, it’s likely not true.

For Framework Laptops with 11th Gen Intel Core processors, we’re selling through remaining inventory, which means that the SKUs that are out of stock won’t be coming back into stock. For 12th Gen Intel Core, pre-orders are open for all SKUs.