When will the 11th gen DIY version be back in stock?

I cannot get past the keyboard selection screen when trying to order. When you go to compare laptop versions it says its out of stock. Is there an estimated time when the 11th gen DIY laptop will be in stock?

It won’t. They sold through what existing stock they had. No more will be produced for 11th gen. Last I saw 1185G7 option was still available but the cost for it is equivalent for 12th gen…which is likely why it is still available.


Can someone with Framework explain why they’re taking email addresses to be notified when the DIY 11th in back in stock then? Kinda confusing page if it’s never going to be in stock.

Maybe they’re selling refurbs and/or returns and it’s catch as catch can?

In any event, a legit party line on availability would be great. I’m not dying to buy a 12th if the 11th is going to be available, but I’m also not dying to buy a 12th for the going rate if I’m going to lose 3 months of usage waiting for the 11th to come back.


Edit: Hrm… even cheaper refurbs are over here, but are also not in stock. :confused:

I am also considering to still get the i5 11th gen, as I’ve read that the battery lasts longer than the 12h gen. Can anyone comment on their experience with i5 11th gen vs. 12th gen battery life?