Keyboard T, R and 5 keys failing regularly

I have a Framework 13 11th gen. For the past year and half or so, it’s been serving me well. I recently (around 5-6 days back) noticed a strange glitch. The T, R and 5 keys fail to type characters. It is an intermittent issue: Every 5-6 minutes they stop working and come back on after mashing them a few times. I think this behavior is due to the thermals of the laptop: These keys are right above the “hotspot” on the mainboard, and running Fedora 37, my laptop has gotten quite warm, but never overly so.

Could this issue be related to thermal damage to the keyboard? I have noticed that the keys fail more often when the laptop is running hotter: particularly when gaming or running simulations. I try to keep the laptop on a cooling pad in those situations though.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you believe that to be the case, you can try repasting your laptop. While doing that, you should check the mainboard connector for any bent pins and dust. Also check the cables on the input cover to ensure they’re all fully seated and clean.