Is this the reason why the multiple keys frequently fail to work?

I love the laptop, still I’m learning the cost of buying early… I’ve already gone through rma once for a broken internal connector causing a intermediate working touchpad.
recently multiple keys on the keyboard have stopped working. until i move or repeatedly seat the keyboard and the touch-pad(since the keyboard signals go through it). Mainly the ‘G’ key, the ‘H’ key and occasionally the backspace key. external keyboards work and the rest of the laptop’s fine. Even the touch-pad works.

Or maybe it’s something simple as a keyboard firmware issue? Kinda hate to bug them again over this. i like the laptop and don’t want to be a nuisance customer. I can wait till the interface parts become available on the marketplace and buy them…

Attached is a picture of the keyboard pads.

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I had a similar issue, where random columns or clusters of keys just refused to work, but I could sometimes get it back with some pretty extreme case flex. It turned out to be a creased input cover cable (the one with the finger loop you remove from the mainboard). Once it got creased, it had that issue permanently after that, even after carefully flattening it back out.

Might need a new one of those.


Just took the machine apart and the connector cable is not creased or folded or out of shape. even re-seated the flex cable.

Totally understand not wanting to be a nuisance, but letting Framework know about issues you have will let them improve in the future and other customers will benefit too. You’ve paid to receive warranty and support for the product you got, and they budget for faulty hardware which they’ll have to replace. Work with them and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help.


I’m experiencing similar issues with the keyboard on my Framework 16. After not using the keyboard for a few minutes, the first keystroke tends to get lost completely. Also certain keys on the keyboard may not work at all. Usually, re-seating the keyboard fixes the problem for a couple of days or so, but it is a bit of a nuisance having to take all the spacers and the trackpad out and putting them in again. With an external keyboard there is no problem.

I have the same dents in my pads but so far my keyboard is working fine.
Afaik the connection is USB, so a loss in connection should affect all keys not just some right?

Also the signals don’t go through the touchpad, I can remove mine and keep typing (you have to set a BIOS option for that)

It says in their faq that the keyboard won’t work if the touch pad isn’t connected. shrug

Yea i have dead keys no matter the position i put the keyboard in on the laptop.

You should definitely contact support - even if you feel like it’s bugging them. It’s bugging you!

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did earlier today.

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That’s the case for the Framework 13. Maybe you’re looking at the wrong FAQ or they copy pasted it. On the Framework 16 the keyboard is USB and the touchpad is I2C and they’re not dependant on each other.

The Framework Laptop 16 prevents you from booting unless the entire input deck is populated. You’re not intended to run it without the touchpad connected. :slight_smile:

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I sort of recall a bios option … yeah just checked. under advanced:
“Force Power for Input Modules”
“Require Modules” will check if all input modules are correctly installed before enabling power
(I sort of recall someone in an early batch toggling that to troubleshoot a problem they were having with the internal deck, external keyboard would work-- something like that)

I’m thinking probably to support it running in a case as a server when the time comes :slight_smile:

But yes I think the intent is to not run without the desk populated when using as a laptop.

I fixed my issue by taking the USB keyboard out of power management. It had some over-aggressive settings thanks to powertop but now it’s OK.

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The keyboard ended up being faulty. so they’re sending me a replacement. Via usps and they’re well…
taking their sweet time.