Landing Page URL for all Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Bundle Downloads

For Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Bundles, we’ve created a dead-simple URL to land on in order to get to where you need to go.

BIOS and Drivers Downloads (

That landing page has links to Framework Laptop 13 (11th Gen Intel® Core™, 12th Gen Intel® Core™, and 13th Gen Intel® Core™) downloads. It will also have the links to Framework 13 (Ryzen 7040 Series) and Framework 16 downloads when they are available.

We’re continuously finding ways to improve/streamline the experience, and more is coming. Thank you for your support!


Hello! Would it be possible to put version numbers somewhere on the site? Was generally pretty useful!

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When you click into each link, it shows the latest (with version number). We want to avoid having to add/edit in multiple places.


My bad, makes a lot more sense now :sweat_smile:

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No worries! It’s just a landing page that directs you to the appropriate link for a specific generational product knowledge base article. Too many folks were going to the wrong page and downloading the incorrect BIOS or Driver Bundle. This should help reduce or eliminate that from happening.

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Going to throw a monkey wrench into this:
How do I know what I have?

There’s always a small population that can challenge what dead-simple really is.

That is to say, you may also need a page similar to this:

I said the URL was dead-simple. As far as determining which model they have, we’ll create a separate knowledge base article for that. Once we create that article, we’ll put the link on the landing page.


Yes,…and dead-simple needs continuity.

@Twistgibber A few days back it was released from Framework Team that Ubuntu and Fedora were officially supported versions of Linux. It would be better if you write the steps for these just like Windows and refer to linux forum for other Linux Variants. Why give special treatment to Windows users?

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I’m a bit confused as we already do. Please check

There are no Driver Bundles for Linux and we provide Linux BIOS update instructions.

Will there be a BIOS/Driver bundle for the new AMD boards added to this link?

It is fairly safe to assume that a landing page for “all Framework Laptop Firmware and Driver Bundle Downloads” will contain links to all Framework Laptop Firmware and Driver Bundle Downloads, and that it will probably be updated as new Framework Laptop models come out! :slight_smile:


This is the way.


I guess my question was if there were going to be bundles necessary to download when the AMD boards ship or if they’d be included pre-installed… though thinking about it, it probably wouldn’t work out well to have them pre-installed :thinking:

Pre-built models come with drivers installed by default. DIY edition does not, because it doesn’t necessarily come with a drive for it to be installed on. Either way, it would still need to be available for download in case you have to reinstall your OS or replace the drive.


Big thank you to the framework team, this will make supporting forum users who need to be linked to these so much easier bc I just have to remember the one link! this is so great, and I hope we end up getting more of these easy little links for more useful framework references! (short “contact support” link someday?)

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This one I’m not so sure about. We’ve designed the flows to have self-help up front to enable quicker resolution. Framework | Support is still valid and the submission form is a link at the bottom of the page. If anything, we’ll have (does not exist yet) land on the same page.

We’re looking at some overhauls, but everything comes down to resourcing and priority.


Absolutely love the commitment to making things easier for customers! Thank you and your whole team for all the great work!


Gotcha, this makes sense. Thank you!

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