Laptop 16 Bluetooth

Bluetooth earphones (2 diff brands) periodically drop and need to stop bluetooth and start it again to reconnect.

Anyone else having issues?

What OS, BIOS, and driver pack (for Windows)?

Yep I am, and it takes out any other BT devices.

Latest bios and driver pack.

Yeah - they all die at the same time.

I’m also having a similar issue but I’m pretty sure it’s just the BT driver crashing (Bluetooth disappears from windows all together). I would have to force shut down (holding power button) to get it working again as a restart doesn’t fix it lol. I’m blaming the MediaTek wifi card, I’m planning on replacing it with the Intel Ax210 soon to see if this issue disappears with it.

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You are correct on that one - keeps on crashing and it takes a hard reset before it works again. Any relief or info from @Framework?

And I have the intel one in my AMD 13 and it’s rock solid in windows and linux (currently debian)

No problems here with BT keyboard and mouse on my 16 (latest driver pack, windows 11)

I swapped out to the ax210 from the mediatek - and it’s rock solid now. wish @Framework would RMA the mediatek one for the cost of the ax210 since it seems to have been at issue.

You cannot @ the whole Framework group. The forum won’t let you. There are 22 members in the group, that would be massive spam. And it should be providing notice that you can’t do it.