Bluetooth Stops Working Randomly After USB Port Reset Error

I’ve noticed that Bluetooth on my Framework 13 AMD laptop stops functioning after a few hours of use shortly after a USB error occurs. Disabling and enabling the “USB Device” temporarily restores Bluetooth functionality, but it quickly fails. A reboot also seems to fix the issue temporarily.

Has anyone run into similar issues?

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I too am having this same problem and it’s very frustrating

Good luck! I’m about 12 messages deep with support and finally landed on an RMA. They asked me to provide all sorts of debugging information, logs, etc. and finally determined that the machine needed to be replaced.

I have the same Problem on FW 13 AMD 7040 and have contacted framework support.
I hope there is a fix, because the machine is “ripper”!

I’ve started getting this issue in the last few weeks too.

What driver versions are you using for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

Also what AMD chipset drivers are you running?

Hello Matthew,

Device Manager shows version 1.1034.0.328 for the RZ616 Bluetooth Adapter.
Where do I find the version for the AMD Chipset?

Framework Support has suggested that I ‘reset the mainboard status’, which involves pressing the chassis intrusion sensor ten times while plugged in. They have also sent comprehensive instructions on how to do that.
I have done that yesterday morning and 'lo and behold, the issue has not come up again.

I have to say, I am impressed and my decision to purchase is confirmed.

Hi Fabian.
I’m having the same issue, are you able to share the instructions?

I have contacted support in German, and the instructions were in somewhat weird but understandabla German. I’ll try to re-translate:

These were the written instructions:

Resetting Mainboard Status:

  1. Connect to main power

  2. Remove the keyboard-cover

  3. Press chassis-intrusion sensor 10 times.
    Note: A long press on the chassis intrusion sensor is required (hold for about 2 seconds, then release and wait for the blinking red Mainboard-LED. Then repeat).

  4. Restart the laptop.

And a picture showing where to find the chassis intrusion sensor:

Note: There is no confirmation from the mainboard that you have successfully reset the mainboard status, so it’s a little hit-and-miss, but apparently I managed to do it on the first try, because the issue has not appeared again.