Laptop Dock

I was planning on getting a Framework Laptop 16. I was going to use a laptop Dock to connect my desktop setup to it. Looks like the Framework 16 is capable of doing USB4 speeds. What kind of dock would I be looking for? It’s not compatible with Thunderbolt correct? I just want to get a USB - C dock with USB 4 correct?

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Thunderbolt 4 is just USB4 except with higher minimum requirements (many features of USB4 are optional) and a stringent certification process.

The Framework Laptop 16 supports most USB4 features so most Thunderbolt docks work fine. Although some docks (mainly CalDigit docks and other docks marketed for use with Mac) have issues with running multi-monitor setups.

USB4 allows the laptop to either send multiple display signals to the dock or to send a single display signal that the dock can then split to control multiple displays simultaneously. The AMD USB4 controllers that are in use in the Framework Laptop 16 only support the latter, which usually works fine but some Thunderbolt docks (mainly from CalDigit and other docks marketed for use with Macs) require the former method in order to work with multi-monitor setups.

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Thank you for clearing that up for me. I was looking at the Corsair TBT200. Might be a bit overkill but it has gotten good reviews from what I’ve seen.

I don’t think the Corsair has enough output to charge the laptop. I would find something with a minimum of 140W* output (or if you can find one, 240W) as those are the specifications for the Framework 16.

*Edit: minimum of 180W.

Afaik no docks are currently available with more than 100w power output (that don’t rely on proprietary charging protocols).

Higher is better, but if he’s not doing heavy GPU loads the Corsair dock will have plenty of power.

I would still be able to plug in the Framework charger to charge it while I use the dock correct? Yes, it’s another cable but not a huge deal.

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Afaik no docks are currently available with more than 100w power output (that don’t rely on proprietary charging protocols).

I’m seeing the same thing. The highest is 95w. The Dell can provide 180w to a Dell system but it’s only 95w for a non-Dell system.

Yep. That will work.


I also use a dock and sometimes add the charger for that sweet extra juice.
The dock seems to not like it though when I plug in the charger and disconnects. So I sometimes need to power cycle the dock.

Couldn’t be the the laptop is trying to figure out where you want power from? It was going from the dock then you plug in the charger and the laptop sees more power from that so it disconnected the dock.

Does it happen if you plug the charger in first and then the dock?

It happens sometimes when I connect or disconnect the charger.
If I plug in both before turning on the laptop it’s fine. If I plug in the charger and then the dock it’s fine.
I kinda expected that USB PD stuff would not affect data transfer at all.
But it’s also not a big issue.