Charging the framework amd laptop

Hello i wanted to ask some questions. I know there are verry smart people in here who are able to help :grinning:

  1. My first question is is it normal when i am charging my laptop open with screen on the cpu hitd about 45 °c but when i close the lid so the laptop should go in sleep mode the cpu hits 92°c these values are recorderded with hwinfo64 who records this still when closed the cpu utelistion is about 3%.

  2. The second question is how it comes when i put my pc in sleep mode it still uses a lot of battery whit my previous laptop on windows 10 it didn’t do that at all that laptop is 6 years old.

If you know something please let me know thanks in advance. If someone from framework sees this is this my battery or what would it be?

You’re most likely running into the wake on lan bug associated with s0ix sleep. Here’s a post about disabling wake on lan.

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