Hot and unable to turn off/on

I set my laptop down on a carpeted floor (maybe a bad idea) with the lid closed. When I opened the lid again it was extremely hot. The blue light was flashing slowly, but pressing would not turn on the laptop. I left it sit on a table, upside down for a while but it remained really hot. I tried to force it to shutdown by holding the power button for 5-10s and it wouldn’t shut down.

After letting it sit for 30m I was able to turn it on. The fan immediately turned on full blast, and it cooled down after that.

I’m concerned that it seemed to be a) generating heat, b) without a way to turn it off, and c) without a fan.

I do have a sleep study report taken from right after.

We’ve gotten one other report of this and are trying to root cause. Note that a hard power off requires at 12 second press of the power button (much too long, and we are reducing).

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Hi @Adam_Hupp, What operating system are you using?

This is on windows 10.

Very happy to hear this. I hadn’t seen this documented anywhere else, and was starting to wonder if it was just impossible to hard power off.

Gotta suffocate it longer than others :grin:

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New laptop last week. Win 10 browsing on FireFox when the screen froze. Could not shutdown with win 10 power button. Tried to use the computer’s power button but did not work no matter how long I pressed it down. Went on for an hour before I carefully went inside and disconnected the battery. Has not happened since but noticing the power button area is sometimes quite warm. I am not going to install anymore software until I know for sure this thing is functional.

I had a similar issue, though my laptop wasn’t sitting on a carpet or anything like that. I most often use my laptop with the lid closed and it connected to a monitor via HDMI. After an evening of using it like this I disconnected the monitor and left it running with the lid closed overnight. I closed all of the programs before doing this so it’s not like the laptop should have gotten too hot.

The next morning I opened the lid and saw that the power light was pulsing slowly so I assumed it was asleep and pressed the button to wake it but nothing happened. I did eventually get it working again after holding the power button for what felt like a long time (probably only 12 seconds).

Another strange thing that has happened is the laptop screen staying blank after I opened the lid with the external monitor still connected. Normally opening the lid would cause Windows to extend the desktop across both screens but for some reason that didn’t happen. It was like the laptop still thought the lid was closed. This eventually fixed itself, though it was several minutes later.

Hi payhel, just checking, have you installed the Framework Laptop Driver Bundle? Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases

Yes, right after I installed win 10. Last night powered down with win 10 shutdown and it took about 30 min for the power button light to go out. Was about to open it up and do the disconnect when the light just went out. The area around the power button was quite warm but not hot like when I had to disconnect the battery a few days ago. Everything else seems to be working.