Laptop Not Powering on With BIOS 3.07

@A_Fan - to be clear, I typically do travel with the screwdriver, additional drives, and more. I realize that’s not necessarily the typical use case, but it’s what I’ve done since long before Framework existed. I also have not run into the no power issue, fingers crossed. When I have had problems the support that I have received has been very good.

Regarding slack, I chose to purchase this machine knowing full well what I was undertaking - a new company with a first generation product. I expected that there could be growing pains and I accepted that. Given your recent posting history I am curious why you keep the laptop rather than selling it and moving on. It’s one thing to hold a high bar, in my opinion it is a different thing constantly to be a dark cloud.

No company (computer or otherwise) is perfect. If you find that your experience is not a match to your expectations, change direction and move on.

Keeping the ‘platform’…and see where it goes.

True. I don’t plan on being a popular poster here. I’ll get tired of posting eventually.

Convenient editing. I’ve traveled with a toolkit for the past 30 years. Nothing new. And yes, I needed it on occasion, for laptops of all sorts of makes and models. The snark is unhelpful. Holding a high bar? Fine. Being obnoxious (my opinion)? Not fine. You clearly have knowledge and expertise to bring to bear, why not channel it in a positive way rather than constantly presenting things in the most negative light?

Hopefully the platform evolves into something that makes you happy. No one is asking you to carry Framework’s water, and it’s fine to present a different point of view. Comments about a “cult,” evolution of the product allowing Framework to sell a substandard offering today (my paraphrase), and so on don’t help to further the discussion.

Have a good day.

Very little of any discussion furthers things in reality.

True. Don’t think I can get a refund though.

Issues…are about gap findings, negative by nature. I see the positive in some situations, and had stated so. (e.g. Modularity allows startups to grow as they fix things…it’s a good model.)

I have a strong tendency to see the negatives…but this doesn’t doesn’t mean I don’t see the positives. I just state what I see, both sides (when applicable), bluntly.

…and let’s face it, Framework has been ignoring the TB4 certification question for both 11th gen and 12th for quite some time now.

Was wondering if anyone else having this problem has tried the fix reported by @Mith (Laptop Not Powering on With BIOS 3.07 - #16 by Mith) and confirmed by @alowndar(Laptop Not Powering on With BIOS 3.07 - #18 by alowndar)?

Neither has posted to this thread or these forums since then - which could be taken as a good sign(?). Just seems like a potential solution has gotten lost inside this thread…

nmiles responded immediately after #16. I would assume* he/she is at the very least aware of it.

Ok, here’s me being a bit more constructive:
With the ribbon cable, Framework has already been using double-sided tape to minimize cable shift / movement. However, if it’s contact issue (for whatever reason) between the ribbon cable and its connector, you can try ‘shimming’ the non-contact side of the cable by applying one layer of magic scotch tape (not more, 2.2mils) to it, making it slightly thicker and therefore pushing into / up the contacts just that little bit more.

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Yes, but nothing in that post (Laptop Not Powering on With BIOS 3.07 - #17 by nmiles) shows any awareness of Mith’s suggestion.

I asked the question b/c I prefer not to make assumptions…

@ssu I would suspect that what fixed it in both those cases was the CMOS battery recharge, and not necessarily the fingerprint ribbon cable. But I’m happy to be proven wrong. :slight_smile:

For me, the positives of the Framework laptop outweigh the negatives. The only negative I have is this one. The positives are that I have a modular, “future-proof” (within reason), user-serviceable laptop that is as sleek and portable as one from a more mainstream manufacturer. I’m quite pleased with my purchase (don’t call me a cultist! :stuck_out_tongue:), even if I need to keep my laptop plugged in while I’m not using it to avoid this issue. I would be even happier if someone from Framework would speak up and tell us this will be permanently fixed, preferably via a BIOS upgrade.

@ssu - I did not try that solution at the time. However, I’ve gotten a new input cover since (RMA’d the previous one for a different issue). Maybe it is still an issue with the new input cover, I don’t know. I will try that doing that once I have the tool to open the laptop just to cross it off the list.

Maybe they will see this thread and confirm whether the issue has re-occurred for them or not.

@ssu It was a false positive. I still have the battery fail and have to do a reset or plug in the laptop to AC while in use. I’ve resigned myself to this just being the way it is for 11th gen boards.

I read in the thread about the 12th gen boards that this was improved so I can already assume the “solution” us 11th gen board users will be told is to upgrade; which is irritating.

I haven’t returned to this thread until now (I saw your mention yesterday) because I don’t believe there is an actual solution to our problem

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Man, that surely does suck…

I’m currently ‘still’ on the bandwagon for the 12th gen board…but seriously need someone to run it through before making another purchase.

Same. Once I hear confirmation that a board upgrade would resolve the issue I may upgrade or wait it out a few iterations. Just can’t justify another gamble at the moment so will just tether to a wall outlet for now

I do appreciate everyone’s feedback on this. That said, I’d still like some official word from the Framework team. Good or bad news, I want to know, officially, if this will be fixed or not on our 11th gen boards.

…and if it’s a board / hardware issue, is it covered under warranty?

I’ve had issue with this and followed all the guides that were posted, and when it happened last it still did the same thing.

I thought the issue was that the CMOS battery was dead and wouldn’t hold a charge, but I tried the steps again and found that slightly (and I mean SLIGHTLY) moving the battery seemed to fix the issue. (Still works after a month!) YMMV and it may need to be replaced, but I would siggest trying it before placing a support ticket.

It may be that off the production line the system works as intended, but during shipment it gets wiggled out of place to where it doesn’t work.

Hope this helps!

My laptop is gorgeous and I like it.

But when I turn on the power button, it never comes on. But when I plug in the power cable and press the power button, it comes on quickly and stays on after I unplugged the power cable, even though each occasion the battery was at 91%, 72%, and 56% charged.

Therefore, please help solve this problem on my beautiful laptop because I have only enough knowledge to unbox and let up this laptop. I do not understand any of the conversation around BIOS or tech stuff, let alone to fix it. Thank you.

As a short term fix, I would recommend leaving the laptop on the charger for 24 hours. This is likely happening for you due to the secondary battery for keeping the time, and BIOS settings is drained. This will probably help get you back up and running without issue for a while with little to no issue, especially if you let it charge for a few hours at least once a week consistently.
We are still waiting on Framework to discuss the possibility of a longer term fix as far as I’m aware.

This solution works. However, a laptop is, by its very definition, meant to be portable. This cannot be a permanent solutions and is (barely) a workaround, at best. How do we get the Framework team’s attention on this matter?

I’d assume the best way would be to either keep complaining about it for several months on the forum, or bring the issue to the eyes of influencers that previously were singing praises of the Framework laptop.

So, I noticed BIOS version 3.10 was recently released. Not sure exactly when, but it does seem to include some battery fixes. I’m hoping it fixed this issue, as well, but I’m not quite sure how to test it…