Laptop won’t boot

I got a framework prebuilt laptop 3-4 days ago and it is completely failing to boot.

Plug in power and no light or LEDs. Tried a different outlet, bought new charger, plugged and unplugged the keyboard, uninstalled and reinstalled the battery, plugged straight in to the module adapter, held power button down for a solid minute while plugged in to store bought charger and provided charger and nothing.

I’ve made support tickets denoting this and I really need assistance. I sadly believe that this is a CPU issue and will likely need a new computer shipped out once support gets back to me, but until then does anyone have any DIY advice?

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Yeah they got back to me within a couple days and sent one out and I should be getting it today/tomorrow.


@RandomUser @highwaycat Nirav of the support team reached out to me (shout out Nirav) and gave me one more trouble shooting tip.

Uninstall and reinstall the RTC battery (watch battery looking thing) following the steps in this link

And after I did that I put the back on my machine and plugged it in and it booted!!

What a wonderful world and I hope that article I listed above makes its way into the official trouble shooting for PC failing to boot.


FYI, he’s also the founder :grin: Framework | The Framework Laptop is now in stock!

Though, the fact that he and all the Framework team have been so responsive despite the huge volume of orders is fantastic.


:flushed::flushed: that’s incredible. Well thank you @nrp


Just chiming in that I had the same issue with a batch 4 DIY edition. Laptop wouldn’t boot unless it was plugged in. I removed and reinserted the RTC battery and now it boots from battery as expected.