[SOLVED] My framework laptop 13 won't start

Hello. My framework laptop 13 no longer starts inexplicably. I turn on the computer, the start button lights up, the power LED flashes glass then turns yellow. I get no display at all, even with an external screen. I can’t access the bios. The PC remains in this state, with the fans spinning abnormally fast. I’ve opened it, no apparent anomaly. So I disconnected the battery, and held down the start button to try and reset the motherboard. That didn’t change anything. I’ve had this computer for 1? years and I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a framework laptop 13 with the 11th generation i5. A 512 GB nvme SSD from ERNOLGA and 16 GB DDR4 2400 mhz ram. I have a dual-boot windows/manjaro with bitlocker and /home encryption. So far, the OSes have always been stable. The Bios was updated a few weeks ago and the battery was replaced by a 61 wh one.

If you have any ideas to help me, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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If you havent done already, contact support.

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I’ve already done it and the response times are already marked as extended. I particularly need it, so I’m hoping to find a solution on my own.

It’s likely that you need to replace the RTC battery. Support will send you one for free if that’s what they determine is needed. You can find them online as well, but if you source one outside of Framework Support, make sure that you get the correct rechargeable battery. Best of luck.

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I’ll test the battery voltage. If it turns out to be faulty, I’ll probably order one from Amazon Prime, as I can’t afford to wait too long.

If it’s the RTC battery, you can try Fully Resetting the Mainboard State - Framework Guides. It worked for me to unstuck it and make the motherboard boot correctly again. It’s mentioned on the website that if you hit the same issue more than once, you can contact support and get a new RTC battery for free as @lbkNhubert mentioned.

The battery gives 2.9 V on the multimeter. I don’t think the problem is with the battery. I reset it and still nothing.

I can’t interpret the error code returned for the LED in the documentation:

1 white
10 green
1 red
1 green
1 yellow
8 green

Check your ram. Try booting with stick a in slot 0, stick a in slot 1, stick b in slot 0, and stick b in slot 1.

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It was the ram that was lacking. I noticed that by moving barette B to slot 0, without plugging in A, the computer finally booted. I was stupid not to test this earlier. I thought a RAM problem would be unlikely, because the 2 would have to be at fault to prevent booting. I had tested the RAM with the same test 3 months earlier and it hadn’t reported any anomalies. The faulty bar was a Corsaire Vengance bought about 2 years ago. It’s quite abnormal for it to be out of order. I’ll discuss it with the manufacturer. In any case, thank you very much for your help. I really needed to solve the problem quickly, and it would have taken me much longer to do it with support.

Is there any way to edit the title to mark the problem as solved ?

Glad to hear that you got it resolved! Sometimes a second set of eyes helps. It’s hard to remember every step to take. I edited the title of the post for you as well. Have a great day!