Laptop won't power on unless i plug in AC power

Prefer the option that people can or could rather then the demand than shall or should

My wording definitely wasn’t the best. To clarify, the message I was trying to get out was more along the lines of "For those that want to continue expressing their dissatisfaction with the way Framework, as a company, is handling their own proposed resolutions to the issue that several users are claiming to have, here are some options to continue bringing this to their attention through multiple avenues."
That just wouldn’t roll off the tongue though, so I decided to simplify my argument. A little too much apparently.

That’s quite funny trying to shorten what you want to say and then having to say even more :rofl:

I just have this issue with group force, like bullying. Sure there’s no doubt it can work but it’s unpleasant the older I get.

I think it’s given age many things have settled down like residence and finances, so there’s just no need to force or encourage people to act. It’s also the older I get the more embarrasing it is that I can’t deal with the holes I fall into with open eyes. Oh! and I’m still constantly digging holes I fall into.

But no doubt I have at times encouraged others to pressure the big boys, like Monsanto but that was more for arguments sake and fun.

This issue with what seems to be the way the RTC is employed doesn’t warrant more pressure on Framework I’m sure they have got the message.

Still an individual that finds it totaly unworkable can use legal paths to make their case.

All the best, thanks for responding.

I really think Framework, in good conscience, has a responsibility to include some kind of note on the 11th gen product info / sales page with specific mention of this issue / behaviour / characteristic / flaw…

Forum posts / replies / blogs…while fairly ‘official’ isn’t the usual pre-sale product info gathering channel.


This is what we aren’t sure about since the dialog seems to be rather one-sided since the last time we heard from @nrp. I haven’t gotten any more responses to my support ticket (previously they were replying a couple times per day) so we aren’t sure what is going on. Are they discussing options internally? Are they preparing to share more info on a plan? Are they investigating how to fix? Without any feedback it feels like they are just ignoring entirely and hope folks sell their machines and stop discussing it here so the internet forgets :person_shrugging:

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This thread on same topic of Laptop will not power on

Power Button Fails to Start Laptop after a day or three switched off

Made two attempts to post this

I’m sure they are but maybe getting a fix is too complicated to work out quickly, they are thinking, but hopefully not along the lines of ignoring the issue and users, though they can only respond as they see fit.

A lot of the cases may be that the RTC battery is not properly charged. Giving the main batteries charge state 10% or 90% is a distraction as it is not relevant in powering on as long as there is charge and it doesn’t charge the RTC battery which if it did, would seem to resolve the issue.

Some confusion here. If I gave the impression that the level of charge on the main battery 10% 90% or whatever was in some way related to the charging or level of charge of the CMOS battery then I didn’t mean to imply that.

I had quoted somewhere that an interesting and detailed report on main battery state and use is available via a Microsoft utility, this is useful, but didn’t include anything about the CMOS battery state, charge level etc.

What I did post maybe yesterday in one of the three threads on the subject of the PC not powering on without the aid of the mains power supply was that the official response is that there isn’t any CMOS battery information available like voltage, state of charge etc. in a Windows utility (as there is for Desktops), where there is detailed info on 12v and 5v supplies, temp at various paces on the mobo etc. The official answer from support on info on the CMOS is an unequivocal NO.

What I have not asked is info on the voltage charge state etc. will be available in the new model.


Well the information is there and maybe one day someone will access it.

However the RTC/CMOS battery in a laptop with a ‘main’ battery would ideally be kept fully charged to at least 2.8V and none of the issues in these few threads would occur.

How are you sure? Did you get a confirmation from framework somewhere?

Simple logic and probability

Given a number of complaints and that some sort of issue has been acknowledged then they must be thinking about it.

On and off no doubt as people have many things on their minds.

The issues is when both the RTC and then main battery go dead, USB-PD cannot negotiate and alongside that the 11th gen processors go into a bad powered state which is fixed by pulling the RTC.

I’m still trying to get my head around why the 11 gen processor has any power let alone a bad power if the laptop is properly off.

Framework support have just come back saying the RTC needs charging. I’ve asked them why this laptop needs to be treated this way and no other laptop I’ve owned.

To summarize, we have to plug in the laptop with the power adapter for at least 24 hours every once in a while to let the RTC recharge and prevent a low battery state resulting to not powering on if not connected to the power adapter. Can we try to plug in the laptop for at least 24 hours and see if this will help?

Under UK law it’s past the 30 days but they do have the right to try to repair or replace. If they cannot or won’t then by law I can ask for a refund.

We shall see.

UK law gives the user 6 years to complain with local goods I’m not sure how this works with the US but you have a 2 year warranty

The problem is, if you don’t follow the setting up instructions and guide that say to charge the BIOS/CMOS/RTC battery for 24 hours then you have no claim.

If you do that and then follow any further tests by Framework they may replace any faulty part or the whole.

But is this a repair or a user failure ???

My argument would be that this issue wasn’t clear and I find that maybe a cause for concern.

I followed the instructions as per -

Nowhere does it say to charge for 24 hours (as of today). So That is irrelevant. I doubt any other laptop would ask that either.

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That is the start guide, there is a guide on fixing this issue that says charge it for 24 hours.


Yes but the inference was that I should have known about that from the start when I got the machine.

It isn’t anywhere in the initial or basic instructions anyone needs to get their laptop working.

Yes now I can try the 24 hours charge test. If that doesn’t work then I assume I have a faulty laptop and Framework can work with me to deal with the situation to get a properly working one or refund me.

The laptop should work straight out of the box, you just need to disable ship mode by plugging it in.