Laptop won't power on

My Framework laptop (12th gen) seems to have died. Here’s what happened:

  • The back left port was USB-C and was not charging
  • I swapped the USB-C adapter to the front left slot and plugged it in
  • I heard a very small electrical noise (like a short-circuit)

From that point it never switched on again. The power switch just doesn’t work. When plugged in, the lights vary from solid orange, to solid white. But it can also do this weird green blink followed by solid white.

I opened it and removed the battery and checked the connections. Nothing worked. The power button has no impact on anything at all.

Anyone seen this before? Gotta say it doesn’t look/feel good :thinking:


Hi Ian,

Ditch the suspect USB-C adapter. If it is defective moving it from port to port is moving the bad part around. You would not have known this ahead of time though. :frowning_face:

Try carefully plugging in another USB-C adapter into the right side of the board and see if it works. Alternatively, you can carefully plug in a USB-C cable directly into the port on the motherboard on the right. Each side has a different controller so there is a possibility that only the left side is toast.

To be on the safe side, plug the cables in first, then plug the power adapter into the wall. Fortunately, thanks to the design of Framework the motherboard is replaceable so you are not having to scrap the whole laptop if indeed the board is fried.


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