Latency / DPC on AMD FW13

On FW13 AMD 7840U, 64GB RAM (from FW), 2TB SDD (from FW).
On Windows 11 Pro.
On latest BIOS, FW Driver pack installed.

- Problem
Occasional (non-frequent) stutters due to spikes in latency / DPC
Also happens when closing all other software, except browser.

- History
As also described on Reddit ( )
I had stuttering issues, which led me to investigate with LatencyMon.

After having configured the laptop, I had also updated the AMD Graphics driver to the latest version from AMD themselves.
This apparently was very bad for latency.
Once I removed that driver, and was using the Microsoft Basic Display driver, latency was much better (but I only checked for a few minutes).
Then I installed FW Driver pack again.
Latency was improved, but it still spikes out of normal normal bounds from time to time.
This, during light use (browsing + playing a background stream)

Now, with the FW AMD driver:

Running services which are not Microsoft (from msconfig) (but also happens when they are shut down):
AMD Crash defender
AMD External Events
AMD PMF service
Google update service
Mozilla maintenance service
Logi+ options
Realtek Audio Universal Service
Goodix Session Detection (Framework Fingerprint reader)