FW 13 AMD not responsive when connecting monitor via USB-C

Hi There,

I have a brand-new FW13 AMD 7840 (DIY + 32gb, 1tb ssd), BIOS 3.03, Windows 11 Pro updated to latest, driver bundle installed. The laptop works fine when used as a laptop. When used docked with a USB-C monitor, Windows 11 Pro / the laptop has problems with connected devices (but not the screen itself). There are different symptoms

  • After login with monitor connected, Windows 11 taskbar is gray without icons (just a non-usable chevron on it)
  • If connection is done after login, sometimes the taskbar is not gray and usable, however, when I try to use via USB hub in monitor connected devices connected, the system hangs in different places. Web cam, it does not work but shows a gray picture in settings. If I try to enumerate sound devices in windows settings: settings menu hangs. However, keyboard/mouse and embedded ethernet works so far.
  • When switching off or restart the device (both cases) during or after being connected using Windows 11 shutdown, the operating system shuts down (is black for a while) but the laptop stay on (power button light is on). 10s hard shutdown needed then.
  • When going to standby, the system does not restart when clicking on the power button / keyboard. 10s hard shutdown needed.

Summary: Windows 11 hangs when connecting things through a monitor (or hub).

Questions to Framework or the community:

  • Has anyone experienced something similar?
  • Has anyone successfully operated a Lenovo P27h-20?
  • Any other hints or trick and tipps

I have tested so far:

  • Monitors work well with Lenovo and Dell devices (power delivery, all devices, etc).
  • Cable is the one which came with the monitor. All branded as USB-C. Other (considered more lower quality cables have the same problem).
  • Usage without monitor: Works
  • Usage with 100w usb charger: Works
  • Disconnected all devices from the monitor: No improvement (there is an embedded usb-ethernet card)
  • Windows 11 re-install: No improvement
  • BIOS 3.03 flashed again: no improvement
  • Latest AMD drivers: No improvement
  • Tried top right/left and bottom right ports. All work (screen, charging, ethernet/keyboard but have the same problem)
  • Looked at the Device Manager: Sometimes refreshes out of nothing (which is an indicator that some devices are added/removed (have not figured out which one)
  • Looked at USBTreeView (a diagnostic tool for USB connection/hub/tree): No changes visible there (which is very trigger happy if something is going on with loose connections or devices).
  • Lenovo P27h-20: Power Delivery (85W) works, ethernet works, attached mouse/keyboard works, attached webcam does not work, sound enumeration hangs, sometimes the generic device settings page hangs. Windows 11 hangs (gray taskbar).
  • Lenovo P27h-10: Power Delivery works, Windows 11 hangs (gray taskbar)

Next steps for me are

  • Dig out a old USB-C hub and try with that
  • On Monday test it with a Lenovo Thunderbolt dock and some more usb-c monitors at work
  • Try to test it with a Thunderbolt cable.

Thanks for your help!!

I’m having trouble with my CalDigit TS3 dock on a 7640U. It was fine on my 11th Gen Framework but the AMD seems like its having trouble with the wired Ethernet, and dual monitors…

While figuring out the old USB-C hub, I realized that it is the attached webcam. As soon as I disconnected the camera (and rebooted, etc, the monitors behaved just perfectly as expected. The hang also start if I connect the webcam on the hub (w/o monitor) or even directly on the FW13 w/o any other device.

A “Logitech HD Pro C920” (probably the most common webcam sold in the market since 10 years). But also a cheap knockoff camera triggered the behavior.

So status is now:

  • Issues as above, however
  • triggered when connecting a external webcam (sample of 2) to a USB-A port directly on the FW13 AMD.

Next Steps for me are

  • Testing monitors/hub at work including the camera
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After checking more cameras, other USB devices like headset, speakers, fingerprint scanners, and more monitors/docking stations at work:

  • Issues as above, however
  • trigger when connecting a external webcam (sample of 3) to a USB-A port directly or indirectly to a FW13 AMD

Suspicion is: Some device enumeration bug in the BIOS. Power Draw / Cable I would exclude due to the myriad of devices I tested.

@ Framework Team: Should I file a support ticket or is this something known which is handled in the next BIOS update?