LDAC feature availability?

I wonder if there are many Sony wireless headphone users here. I’ve been looking for solutions to make LDAC available from my laptop.

Then I found this:

Now that there are devices available I wonder if framework could also add this to one of the optional modules.

LDAC is part of the Android open source and it’s been open to Android oems for a couple of years now. So…if it relies on a Bluetooth module, why not add for laptops?

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Sony, Microsoft, and/or Intel would have to work together to bring the CODEC to Windows. Apparently there has been some work to bring it to Linux, but unclear if it is stable.

What I want is a Qudelix 5K sans battery in the slot. still with external bluetooth for management and phone dual connection. balanced audio and audio in interface. With hardware eq’s on the dac chips.

This is an older post, but I thought I would mention that LDAC works fantastic on Arch Linux. It can be enabled either with pulseaudio-modules-bt + libldac in the AUR, or pipewire-pulse (includes LDAC support).

I’ve been using LDAC for the last year without issues (I haven’t personally tested it with the Framework laptop, mine hasn’t arrived yet, but it should work just fine).

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