[RESPONDED] Bluetooth on AMD Framework 13 with Linux


I’m running Linux (Debian actually, but I’ll gladly take any distro advice / example) on the AMD 7840U Framework 13 and when connecting to a BlueTooth (BLE) device (the dash toy robot) does not work whereas the same setup on a different hardware does work.
Has anyone gotten BlueTooth to work on AMD Framework 13 with Linux?

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I’m running Fedora 39 and while the only bluetooth device I’ve used so far are wireless earbuds, they connected and worked fine.

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Thank you, I’ll try that.

Maybe give it a shot on a live USB before making the full switch.

After a day on a new Fedora 39 install, both of these work without issues so far, including across suspend/resume cycles:

  • Logitech MX Master 3 mouse
  • Google Pixel Buds Pro (as A2DP sink for music in headset profile)

I use a Bluetooth mouse and headset without issues. Pairing, lag isn’t a problem.

That said, while I lack access myself to one, I did some digging and found it’s possible. This article is from 2019 and much of it may not be relevant now, but it’s a jumping off point.