Linux Mint 21: Plugging in USB HDD not mounting

New install of Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon edition on a 11th Gen I5 framework with 16gb of ram and 1TB WD NVME drive.

I’ve had lots of issues with plugging in a external Western Digital hard drive. The laptop is not mounting the drive or even recognizing it as there. However, if I plug in a USB memory stick to a different USB port, it instantly recognizes the stick and mounts it along with the USB hard drive that had been plugged in for 5 minutes, without being mounted.

I have updated the BIOS to 3.10.

Any idea what’s happening here? This is getting pretty frustrating.

I’m going to take a stab at this and guess that drive is a 2.5 inch portable drive. i.e. it’s not externally powered, and therefore requires power to be delivered via the USB cable. Correct?

You are correct. However the same issue has also presented with a externally powered USB hard drive and even a Sandisk memory stick. However, a PNY and Adata memory stick are immediately recognized and mounted.

Yeah…USB peripherals compatibility is, in my experience, flaky with the Framework laptop. There’s been multiple threads of USB devices not connecting / detected, dropping connection…etc.

An early instance / thread:

Even USB sticks (memory) sometimes don’t get connected / detected. Some sticks would drop if there’s heavy read/write activity. I have an ADATA 128GB USB stick…and it would drop in the middle of a large (7GB file) transfer when used with the Framework laptop.

If your mainboard belongs to an early batch of 11th gen, there was the EMI shield sticker issue:

Thank you. Glad to know I’m not the only one. Call me disappointed if a year after release something like this continues to be an issue. Any word if they’re working on fixing it? Sounds like it might be a BIOS glitch?

Maybe also reach out to support, and see if they have any internal notes on USB stability / compatibility.

Went ahead and sent in a support request… Can’t hurt.

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