USB port #2 cuts out on 13" AMD

Hi, I haven’t been able to find something else on the forum about this. My USB port #2 (left side, towards the front) works sometimes and not others. This is true in both Windows 11 and Linux Mint. Currently I’ve got a framework 1tb expansion card in there. My OS’s don’t see any device plugged in. If I pull out that expansion card and plug it into my USB-C in slot #1, the drive is recognized just fine. I had this problem before and not sure it went away. Now it is back. What can I do??

Since it’s happening in two different OSes, it’s almost certainly hardware-related. It might be something simple, like the internal USB-C connector has some dust or lint caught in it. If cleaning it doesn’t solve the problem, I’d suggest talking to Framework Support about it, they might have another solution.

Afaik, the 1TB Expansion Card is just an external NVMe SSD. Therefore, do you mind testing for behaviors described in the post below, and see if there’s any resemblance?

Thanks for the responses. The port mysterious worked again the next day and has continued to. I don’t think I have the compatibility issue bc I can’t reproduce it per their instructions. It’s only stopped working between uses, not during heavy read/write.