Linux Mint Mate kernel issues

I’m running Linux Mint Mate 20.3, which comes with the LTS 5.4 kernel. But I see that the Framework Laptop hardware requires 5.12 or later. With 5.4 I experienced random spontaneous shutdowns, inability to right-click with my trackpad, and other problems. So I installed the 5.13 kernel which solved those problems. But this kernel is only supported until August 2022, and nothing later appearing in my Update Manager. What to do? Also, in my Display Manager there’s no option for fractional scaling; I have to choose between 100% (too small) and 200% (too big).

Ask yourself why you’re sticking to Linux Mint Mate 20.3.

(i.e. you can do anything you want, and live with the consequences… So these are the consequences. By Aug 2022, there’ll be another new kernel release… So, either pick an LTS distro…and stay rolling)

Are you able to install an updated kernel using Ubuntu’s Backports repo?

I’m sticking with Linux Mint Mate because I find it’s the perfect balance of user-friendliness, customizability, and low overhead. I tried Cinnamon a few years ago and hated it. Yes, I can and did install kernel 5.13.0-44 through the update manager. Why should I mess around with backports?

No insight into the fractional scaling question?

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To get newer versions of other things to (potentially) fix some of the other issues you’re having.

21.0 will be out before then, and it’ll be based on a much newer kernel.

You can also look in Synaptic, there are many iterations of the 5.14.0-10XX-oem kernel. They all seem to work perfectly and get updated regularly.