Mint 20.3 Cinnamon Internal Display Video Redraw Issues

I am using Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon (Cinnamon version 5.2.7). Previously I was using kernel 5.13.0-27 and when using the internal display, I would randomly get whole horizontal areas of the screen that would freeze for half a second and then slowly redraw.

Recently I switched to kernel 5.13.0-41. I don’t seem to get the complete freezes, but when doing anything that has a lot of motion (like video or even just moving a window around the screen) I get small little lines all over the screen where it seems to be slightly slow to redraw. This creates a low quality/choppy experience.

Is there a kernel or other setting that is known to work well? Note, I did not install the Edge version of Mint as I didn’t know about the recommendation until recently. I may entertain the idea of installing Edge if I knew for sure it would solve the problem.

Currently, my display settings are:

  • Resolution: 2256 x 1504
  • Refresh Rate: 60.00 Hz
  • Fractional scaling: 125%
  • User interface scale: Normal

Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Using kernel 5.14.0-1036-oem and do not have this issue.

There’s a new kernel “linux-image-20.04-oem” which points to the latest 5.14.0-10XX-oem which will always keep you updated. Otherwise you’ll have to install 5.14.0-10XX-oem kernels manually and occasionally search for the latest.

You can install any kernel you want without risk, you can just select whatever installed kernels you have on boot.

Thanks for the suggestion. I installed linux-image-20.04-oem and it was maybe slightly better. After some experimentation, it seems the only way I can get a smooth video playback is to set the display to the defaults, which is Fractional scaling disabled and User interface scale: Double (Hi-DPI). However, this makes the effective resolution of the desktop way too small. Also, I will note that while using 5.13.0-41 and 5.14.0-1036-oem, when I enter my password at the login screen, it freezes for about 60 seconds before finally logging into the Cinnamon desktop. I didn’t have this problem with 5.13.0-27. May be unrelated. :man_shrugging: