Linux on older apple hardware

Just put Fedora on a 2018 Macbook Pro (13", MacBookPro 15,2) and it’s not bad :wink:
This could be used as a daily driver. is the place to get started.

I’ve also had luck with Fedora and Arch on a 2015 vintage MacBook Pro using the standard iso and some messing about.

One less thing in the recycling/waste stream…

Get a Framework and then pass along/repurpose your old stuff!


I am running Linux mint on a old MacBook Air with 4GB of ram, works great, but would like to replace it with and framework laptop with AMD Ryzen

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I did the same. I ran Slackware 64 on it. Overall it was a great experience, but I found it overheated on occasion.
These days, with Apple making iCloud harder to fully disable, I think every Mac should be running Linux. The idea of Apple exfiltrating my or anyone’s personal data to their servers (and the NSA’s) gives me the heebie jeebies.
Only problem with the latest Asahi Linux is that it still doesn’t support USB-C to HDMI on M1 or M2 Macs.

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The 2020 Macbook Air is on sale now at Bestbuy and on Amazon for $750.

Got Garuda working on a 2013 macbook air not too long ago. Wasn’t even 3 hrs after I did it that I deemed the laptop daily drivable.