Issues with 20.04

I’m running Linux Mint Cinnamon (edge) on my DIY i5 FW. Everything is working good except for 2 small things -

First off, my USB-C hub that I’ve been using on a 2019 Macbook Pro doesn’t work right on the Framework. The regular USB ports on it work, but I can’t use the HDMI out or charge from it. Leading from having 1 thing plugged in to having 3. Is there a cheap TB3 or USB-C hub that supports HDMI 2.0 out and can pass a charge in?

Second thing is that my WiFi speed is absolutely horrendous. On a lucky day I can get 5Mbit down. Usually it’s around 1Mbit. On my phone or macbook in the same spot I get ~300Mbit on average. Could this a kernel issue or something on 5.11?

I’m using the 5.14-1005-oem kernel with Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon and am having none of these issues.

I’m using this hub and although I don’t know the HDMI version, it powers two 2K monitors at 2048x1152@60Hz.

Try upgrading the kernel.

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Doesn’t the newer kernel have issues with bluetooth on warm boots?

I haven’t tested Bluetooth extensively but I’ve only done warm reboots lately and Bluetooth is still working for me last time I checked.

5.14-1005-oem is actally an early 5.14 kernel, I believe 5.14.0, while the kernels Fedora users are having issues with are later, 5.14.8 or something.

Try it, you can always revert later if it doesn’t work out.

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5.14-1005-oem seems to have fixed me issues. Thanks!


Good to hear!


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