Looking For Help - Sustainable Sourcing of Parts

I came across framework and appreciate their mission for reparability and upgradability as I am looking to build a sustainable computer.

I am considering sourcing sustainable parts and installing them in a framework machine.

How do I assure that the parts I am sourcing are sustainable? Do you have any recommendations?

I only right now know to look for either TCO (Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees) Certified or RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) labels. But what else should I consider?

There’s no such thing, sustainability it’s a marketing ploy.
What do you want to sustain and what are you prepared to sacrifice, your money, your time ??

Material resources can be resused to a degree but at a cost.
People can do all the work for you at a cost, and as those are often poor at an abusive cost, but it keeps business on track.

You can try looking for Fairly traded items that at least mitiagte keeping the poor poor, but that does mena the rich actually want to do some manual labour. For food that’s not too scary, buying land and cultivating, working in a Chinese factory, a mine in the Congo ~ I think not.

Have a look at Fairphone to see how they deal with the issue.

I mean, can’t get more sustainable than buying used – and doing so doesn’t really financially benefit the companies that made the part. And it’s cheap, too. Reuse comes before recycle for a good reason.

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Hi leppy and welcome and your ‘advice’ is also welcome, however I buy new and Fairtrade to support the ‘workers’ I try to avoid second hand unless there is no Fairtrade support.

Saying that I bought this, not-fairtrade, as I like the idea that I can replace parts and it’s modular.

But once in possession of a main board I see no reason not to buy second hand bits that are easily exchangable.

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