Published a report for university about Framework

For my study and for the course Professional Ethics and Social Orientation (PESO) I was required to write a report about IT and ethics, so I decided to write a research report about Framework as a company and what they are doing and how they are challenging the tech industry. See the report at:

The summary:
This ethical research report delves into the pressing issue of electronic waste (e-waste) and its environmental implications. With e-waste rapidly increasing, the report highlights the alarming statistics, such as the EU’s e-waste recycling rate being less than 40%. The report underscores the importance of sustainable practices and introduces Framework, a company at the forefront of this change. Framework’s innovative approach to electronics, particularly laptops, emphasises repairability, upgradability, and sustainability. The company’s products, like the Framework Laptop 13 and Laptop 16, are designed to be fully modular, allowing users to easily replace or upgrade components. This not only extends the device’s lifespan but also reduces e-waste. The report further discusses the ‘right to repair’ movement, emphasising the autonomy of individuals to repair and modify their own devices. The movement is gaining traction as more people demand products they can personally repair. The report concludes by emphasising the need for a collective shift in mindset, from a throwaway culture to one that values sustainability and longevity. The report further explores the role of open-source technologies, their potential pitfalls, and the stakeholders involved in the tech industry’s ethical landscape.

I hope I contributed to garner more awareness and that more people learn about Framework and the amazing work they do to improve our lives. I hope one day that laptops and hardware in general become more sustainable and that everything becomes modular like the laptops from Framework and the phones from Fairphone. My next laptop will definitely become a Framework laptop.

I particularly want to thank Mr. Patel @nrp for his endurance and his vision to make Framework a reality. I wish him the best.

PS: My Google Scholar profile for verification: ‪Remzi Cavdar‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬ and the report can also be found on ResearchGate: researchgate net/publication/375758886
I also give Framework permission to use my research report